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Re-Scha Sintra

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Nutrition supplement for pet birds


Sintra is a nutrition supplement for pet birds with high activity and efficiency during breeding and moult.


On a basis of carefully selected vegetables Sintra is well-balanced for good-natured bacteria of the small intestine (like lactobacteria) and therefore the ideal supplement for the re-scha lactobacteria PT-12. Vegetables with high concentrations of carbohydrates (different types of sugars) are the best nutrition medium for lactobacteria. Under these conditions lactobacteria like PT-12 (lactobacillus salivarius) are able to grow and compete in the small intestine. Experiments proved that the PT-12 lactobacteria population in the small intestine increased by a factor of 100 to 1000 under combined treatment with Frutin and Sintra. The high concentration of vitamin C in vegetables is well known. The organism needs vitamin C as a support for the immune system. Vitamins of the B-group (like vitamin B1 and B2) which are prominent in vegetables, too, are very important for the energy metabolisc processes involved in the decomposition of fat, carbohydrates and amino acids. Additionally vegetables contain a lot of different minerals having high importance for a trouble-free metabolism.


Sintra contains high-grade protein sources of natural origin improving and enhancing the amino acid pool of the organism. Birds need the amino acids alanin, arginin, aspartic acid, cystein, glutamic acid, glycin, isoleucin, histidin, leucin, lysin, methionin, phenylalanin, prolin, serin, threonin, tryptophan, and valin. Amino acids are known for their contribution to growth and their support of the immune system.

Sintra contains raw products from natural sources including these amino acids.


Sintra also contains high-grade lecithin which is necessary for the absorption of fats from the organism during digestion. Lecithin is an essential component of our nutrition supporting the physical activity. Without lecithin there would be no respitory chain. When Sintra is constantly applied there is no need for any other lecithin supplement.


Sintra contains a high dose of carnitin. Carnitin is important for the transport of fatty acids. It leads the fatty acids to the place of decomposition. Many biochemical processes need the direct or indirect support of carnitin.


Sintra contains trace elements in a chemical structure known as chelator. It is generally accepted that organically bound trace elements have a better passage through the gastrointestinal barrier than inorganically bound. Normally, not the absolute amount of trace elements is of importance but the digestibility or absorption capacity. In the organism trace elements play an important role as components or activators of enzymes.


Sintra contains vitamin E and selen as additives. Vitamin E protects the fat molecules from the attack by free radicals. Selen is an essential trace element for the organism very important for the function of the immune system. Free oxygen radicals have to be removed from the organism or their synthesis has to be inhibited in order to protect the immune system.


In breeding Sintra supports the receptiveness, fertilisation and the growth of young animals.


In moult Sintra provides important raw materials for a trouble-free moult process and an intact silky feather.


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