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              French Moult don't jump to conclusions

We can find ourselves jumping to conclusions, when it comes to the dreaded French Moult. I was reading the thoughts of a leading UK exhibitor lately , and his assessment is that we will all be plagued by French Moult at some stage or another.

Would you consider that  defeatest statement or a realistic statement.  ? It is a huge statement to make and it leads me to think on what he said, as this man would have the latest Hygiene Management system one could have........so where is the FM coming from ? Are we to then go down the lines of the current thinking , that FM is in the birds and a number of factors can trigger it.

So what can we do to minimise these, triggering factors.

(1) A top feeding program is essential

(2) A stress free enviornment.......do not overcrowd your birds, as all birds are territorial, and require their own space

(3) Maintain a High Hygiene program  within the birdroom. As Ron Pearce said at a talk he gave us...." We are breeding Battery Budgies in a similar condition to chickens, and therefore one silp and we invite trouble.

(4) Bio-Security....Simple: Doh! Don't let it in the door. A mat at the door and hand gel before you touch a thing.

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Should you have any questions, relating to the wellfare of your birds, please submit your question and we will ensure that it is given the attention it deserves by our experts.  Who are our experts ?

Our experts are our senior members who will be only too happy to share their wisdom and experience.

One must understand that this is purely an advisory service for our members and visitors alike, but with out seeing the bird, one should always seek a vets advice, when ever possible.

We do realise that seeing a vet is not always possible and it is even harder to find one with an avian expertise.

So that is why we will offer our considered opinion, as there is no substitute for experience.  But if in doubt please consult a qualified vet.!

Terms & conditions 

By submitting your question, you agree that the Budgerigar Society of Ireland, its members, or associates cannot be held responsible for any loss, death, or injury to the applicants birds. This is an advisory service and it is offered, and should be taken as just that and in the spirit of its meaning and intentions.


Greenfood:- Celery is rated highly by a lot of breeders. here's how to prepare it. Take a length of celery and cut it into strips, then dice it crossways and add it to your softfood.  During a recent show I saw one exhibitor had placed a piece inthe bottom of the Show Cage at a treat.  It is an excelent greenfood to give to rearing parents, and can be simply pushed through the cage wires. 

As chicks fledge out, try and introduce them to as wide a varity of softfood as possible.  This will broaden their pallets, something they will hang onto for the rest of their lives. Variety is truly the spice of life.  So to their daily feed of carrots and brocolli, try and introduce them to peas, sweetcorn,beetroot, and the excellent Celery 

 Have you any tips you would like to add ??, then e-mail me with them and I'll will share them with the membership