Éire Budgerigar Society

Est 1952

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The Éire B.S. Library is now open. Please follow the link below to access past & present club e-book publications.


                              Cage & Aviary Birds 18th of March 2015 New E-Library Promotion

Latest Promotional Pamplet ,to be created, and released by our Club secretary, Mr Barr Fletcher.

This new "information" Pamplet, contains all club information, from the aims of the club ,through to,Club meetings, Shows and features a handy membership application form.

Barry has also of late, has brought all of the club's publicity under a new and fresh image, and all club stationery now features all of our social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and of course this website.

Promotional poster for our "Club Show" in June.

The Éire Budgerigar Society, is proud to announce the launch of their latest Club promotional aid, a newly designed pull up banner.

The society sees this as a means to promote both the society itself and the hobby in general around the country.

It is envisaged that committee and club members, will use this new banner at Cage Bird Shows and Agricultural Shows, throughout the Country as an aid to advance the hobby of the "Exhibition Budgerigar".

The committee would like to thank those who generously donated  this banner to the society, and hope that it's use will be of immense benifit to the hobby of the Exhibition Budgerigar.

Now to plan the tour................!!!!