Éire Budgerigar Society

Est 1952

Invitational Show 2017

                                    Club Show 2017

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      Éire Budgerigar Society's Nest Feather Show 2016

Éire B.S. Nest Feather Show

The first show of the year is the eagerly awaited Nest Feather Show. This is where we as breeders live in hope that our new pairings show the promise for the New Show season.
This year we saw an entry of  21 birds.
Jim Sidney did the honours and selected the Light Green hen benched by Gerard Lanigan as Best Bar Head in Show.

Best Champion Bar Head:
Gerard Lanigan
Best Intermediate Bar Head:
Noel Lee
Best Novice Bar Head:
Best Beginner Bar head:
Jack Caverly
Best Junior bar Head:
Alex Caverly

                     Swords & District CBS Show 2015

                       Éire B.S Open Show Results 2015

Major Awards:

Best in Show Gerard Lanigan 204/1

Best Opp/Sex in Show Gerard Lanigan 303/1

Best A/A in Show Gerard Lanigan 204/1

Best A/A Opp/Sex Gerard Lanigan 201/1

Best current Year Gerard Lanigan 303/1

Best C/Y opp/Sex Gerard Lanigan302/1

Best Owner Bred Gerard Lanigan 204/1

Best Bar Head Robert McLaughlin 805/11

Best Champion T & T McNulty 3/2

Best Intermediate Gerard Lanigan

Best Novice Robbie Lawlor 419/1  Best Beginner Brendan Lawlor 605/6 : Best Junior Alex Caverly

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                     Éire B.S. Club Show June14th 2015

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Nest Feather Show 2015

As is the norm now with the Éire B.S. the members nest feather show is held every year in conjunction with the Club's A.G.M. and this year proved no different.
the A.G.M. and show were held on Sunday the 1st of February in the comfortable surrounds of Bewley's Hotel which is adjacent to the new Newlands Cross Flyover.
As always to encourage juniors and beginners the show is broken in the five show status levels and this helps each status to gauge thier birds against their immediate peers.. An impressive 24 barheads were benched and the results were as follows:
Best Intermediate and Best in Show : Gerard Lanigan.
Best Novice  and 3rd best in show Ron Thompson.
Best Beginner and 2nd Best in Show John Knipe.
Best Junior: Alex Caverly.
Our Thanks as always to our judge.
Mr Jim Sidney
A full report on the A.G.M will appear in February's Club Magazine.

           Swords & District C.B.S Show 11th & 12th Of October 2014

Although down in numbers from last year's entry, there were a number of new exhibitors at this years show, but it was dissapointing that such a wonderful show hall was not graced with more budgerigars. Perhaps the time of year is not suiting the Budgerigar fanciers,who at this time of year have their main breeding pairs down. The main winners were as follows:

For the third year in a row, Intermediate Breeder, Gerard Lanigan took Best in Show along with Best Any Age, Best Any Age opposite sex ,  Best  opposite Sex in Show, and Best opposite Sex Young Bird.

Best Young bird went to Champion breeders A&M Comerford.

Best Champion Adrian Shields

Best Intermediate: Gerard Lanigan

Best Novice: Noel Lee

Best Beginner: Robbie Lawlor

                      The 60th  Éire B.S Open Show September 14th 2014

Éire Budgerigar Society’s 60th Open Show

The Éire B.S achieved another milestone in their long history when they staged their 60th open show on the weekend of the 13th & 14th of September. In keeping with what has now become a tradition, the committee along with other volunteer members of the club met at 2pm on the Saturday to set up the staging and to layout and decorate the show hall.

 This show saw the addition of two new assets to the club; a new pull up banner and a new award stand.  This will be used to display the top four birds in the show. The show hall was ready and the entries came in thick and fast from 4 pm onwards.

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Exhibitor Points

                    Éire Budgerigar Society Club Show June 15th 2014

The Éire BS held it's 2014 Club show on the weekend of the 15th of June and was to date the best show to date in Ireland. With an entry of 306, the final benched number of 280 is a new high for a Budgerigar show in Ireland.
Best in Show McAuley and Ross and Best Breeder in Show Kinane & Mackin. Best Breeder Opp/Sex goes to Robbie Lawlor. Full Results  Here:
Class Winners
Exhibitor Points Table

                                 2014 Nest Feather Show

On January 26th 2014 the Club held its AGM and Nest Feather Show.  


Best Barhead in Show Gerard Lanigan

Best, second best,third best Intermediate Barhead

Best, second best and third best Novice Barhead; Ron Thompson

Best Beginner Barhead and Third Best Beginner Barhead Jack Caverely

Second Best Barhead Robbie McGlynn

Best Junior Barhead Jennifer Hartnett

Second and Third best Junior Barhead Aoife Thompson

Judge Mr James Sidney.

     Swords & District CBS Open Show 12th & 13th of October 2013

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Don Rowell was the judge for this increasingly popular show. Local man Michael Comerfford has done a lot of work to promote the case for the Exhibition Budgerigar at this CBS show, and in the last two years the entries have flooded in. Swords & District CBS is now the leading CB Society in Southern Ireland with a Budgerigar entry of some 177 birds for its most recent show. The Eire BS is delighted with the success of this show, and its members turned out in force to once again lead the way in promoting the Exhibition Budgerigar in Éire.

                            Éire B.S Open Show 2013

A full show report will appear here with all the results and a picture file will be posted on the Gallery page

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               Éire B.S. Young Stock Show 9th June 2013

The Eire B.S. held their Young Stock Show on the 9th of June in the 1798 centre , Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. 153 birds were benched, and you can find all the results here.
Pictures of the show and the winning birds can be found on the Gallery Page.

Major & Section Awards  Here

Class Results:  Here

         Éire B.S Nest Feather Show 20th January 2012

The Éire Budgerigar Society held its nest feather show in conjunction with it A.G.M on Sunday the 20th of January in Bewley's Hotel,Newlandscross,Dublin.

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AZ Bundesschau Kassel Germany

24th & 25 th Of November 2012

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Swords & District CBS Show 2012

Budgerigar results from the Swords & District Show 13th & 14th of October 2012

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Éire B.S 60th Anniversary Open Show
The Eire Budgerigar Society,celebrating its 60th Anniversary in the company of Mr Ian Clarke (Judge) and his wife Tracy, at the eve of show dinner in the Club House Hotel, Kilkenny.
Anne & Michael Comerford had a cake specially designed and made to mark the occasion.

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Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland) Ltd  Invitational Show
Tallaght, Dublin
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                          Éire B.S. Young Stock Show 2012

                        Éire B.S Nest Feather Show 2012


             : Best Junior Aoife Thompson                      Best Beginner: Noel Carton

              Best Novice Gerard Lanigan                      Best Intermediate A & M Comerford

                                     Best Bar Head in Show ............Noel Carton        

            Cork Show Bird Society 2011 Budgerigar Results

The Budgerigar results from the Cork show can be found here Pdf Here

Thanks go to Anne & Michael Comerford who provided these results

                                         The B.S Club Show Doncaster October 2011

The full results from the B.S Club show can be found here   Pdf here

                     Swords & District Show Bird Society 2011

Full results from Swords CSB show 8th & 9th of October 2011      Pdf Here

                          Éire Budgerigar Society 2011

Full results from the 2011 Éire BS open show                   Pdf Here

   Europa Show Karlsruhe Germany August 27th & 28th 2011

Full results here in both German and most I have translated to English ....Results Pdf

                               All Ireland Championship

Contrary to what people may write on their website, the Éire BS would like to clarify that NO All Ireland Championship Budgerigar Shows in either 2008 or 2009 ever took place.

                Éire Budgerigar Society Club show 2011

Éire Budgerigar Society Young Stock Show


The Éire B.S held their annual Young stock show on Sunday the 29th of May 2011 in the Nethercross Centre Dublin.  There was a total entry of 171 birds, with an eventual benched entry of 154 birds. A social evening was arranged for the Saturday evening in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin, where our judge Mr Barrie Shutt and his wife Alison from Cumbria, England, were joined by members of the society, and a night of fun filled budgie chat, good food and some drinks! was enjoyed by all. The society would like to thank Barrie for his attention to detail, and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge with all those who attended.

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    Young Stock Show  Dublin 2010
Eire Budgerigar Society
Budgerigar Young Stock Show
List of All Prize Winners

Class -  5
    1st.    No. 5    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    2nd.    No. 6    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    3rd.    No. 3    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    4th.    No. 7    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    5th.    No. 2    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    6th.    No. 1    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    7th.    No. 8    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    7th.    No. 4    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)

Class -  6
    1st.    No. 1    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    2nd.    No. 2    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)

Class -  7
    1st.    No. 6    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    2nd.    No. 8    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    3rd.    No. 10    Noel Carton, Beginner (1)
    4th.    No. 3    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    5th.    No. 7    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    6th.    No. 4    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    7th.    No. 9    John Sutton, Beginner (1)


Class -  8
    1st.    No. 2    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    2nd.    No. 4    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    3rd.    No. 1    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    4th.    No. 3    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)



Class -  15
    1st.    No. 1    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    2nd.    No. 2    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)

 Class -  16
    1st.    No. 1    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    2nd.    No. 2    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    3rd.    No. 3    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)

Class -  17
    1st.    No. 1    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    2nd.    No. 5    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    3rd.    No. 2    Ron  Thompson, Beginner (1)
    4th.    No. 3    Ron  Thompson, Beginner (1)
    5th.    No. 4    Ron  Thompson, Beginner (1)


  Class -  18
    1st.    No. 3    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    2nd.    No. 2    Noel Lee, Beginner (2)
    3rd.    No. 4    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    4th.    No. 5    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    5th.    No. 1    Ron  Thompson, Beginner (1)

Class -  23
    1st.    No. 3    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    2nd.    No. 7    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    3rd.    No. 5    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    4th.    No. 4    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)
    5th.    No. 1    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    6th.    No. 2    Gerard Lanigan, Novice (1)
    7th.    No. 6    Brian Flynn, Novice (2)

Class -  24
    1st.    No. 7    John Sutton, Beginner (1)
    2nd.    No. 5    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    3rd.    No. 4    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    4th.    No. 2    David Hennessy, Beginner (1)
    5th.    No. 6    John Sutton, Beginner (1)
    6th.    No. 3    Darragh Frawley, Beginner (1)
    7th.    No. 1    David Hennessy, Beginner (1)