Éire Budgerigar Society

Est 1952

Society History

Founded in 1952 as the "Eire Budgerigar Society", by men with a vision to promote the breeding and exhibition of Budgerigars in Ireland , and to liaise with all like minded people around the world.

After somewhat of a resurgence in the late nineties and early 2000, the Society sadly went into decline at the beginning of 2003 and with all shows canceled that year by the BS due to the Mega Bacteria scare, the society' ceased to function, and with no guidance or finances lay in this dormant state until the intervention of Adrian Mc Cormack in June of 2005.

However after a number of E.G.M.s in 2005 and again in 2006, the Society was still without a fully functional and stable committee to give it the impetus it needed to function properly.  Then at an E.G.M. on the 9th of July 2006 a committee was formed, and plans for a full show to be held in 2007, the first full open show since 2002 were laid.

Proposals were also made that day was to hold an AGM in 2008 and for it to be held in the "Prince of Wales Hotel in Athlone".  

Sadly once again the stability of the committee failed to hold and the secretary resigned.                                      

An open show was held in September of 2007 and the Best in Show went to  Peter Mackin's wonderful bird. The Society was up and functioning again and an AGM was planned for February 2008, with Pascal Trill   in the driving seat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Then in 2008 the Society under a new management committee was fully computerised by the treasurer Gerard Lanigan, which meant that for the first time in the Society's long history a proper track of members show status and their achievements could be recorded and maintained.  This new and vibrant Society was now grabbing the headlines for all the right reasons........

Vision, Professionalism and a sense of purpose was now the guiding force that drove the management committee to give up all of their time for the Hobby they love.

After a highly successful open show in 2008 and with regular committee meetings the future looked bright and the membership grew and continues to grow to this day, with members from as far away as Italy showing their appreciation for the direction the society had been taken.

Then at the 2009 A.G.M in the Carrickdale Hotel on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, the membership voted to change the name to "The Budgerigar Society of Ireland".  This was done in order to help facilitate breeders in the North, who might have found the the word "Eire" a barrier to joining the Society. So the membership took the brave step and a massive leap of faith and voted to change the name of the Society, a name which had stood for over 55 years in an effort to support an idea which had promised so much. Sadly this move had a counter active response, where those the change was aimed at, did not emerge, and some members in the Republic who were totally against the change of name felt left out.  The promise of a Northern resurgence of Exhibitors never materialised, and what was to be a new begining, faded away.  Now in 2010 the current management committee, and membership have taken the brave decision, and they have voted overwhelmingly at this years A.G.M to reverse this name change, and so we are once again the "Eire Budgerigar Society".  We failed to achieve our objective, which was, that by changing our name, "We would attract and increase the exhibitors at our shows from Northern Ireland",  but we can proudly say we tried something new, which unfortunately did not have the support and comitment we had hoped for.  So now, we start afresh, with a purpose and direction to advance the objectives of the "Eire Budgerigar Society"

So you are most welcome to come join us to build a strong and viable Society on the Island, and if you are a society member why not register with the site and have your say on how your would like to see things done


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